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Nani Ky Totko Sey Karo Dry Skin Ka Khatma

Nani Ky Totko Sey Karo Dry Skin Ka Khatma

Nani PK |

Top Tips For Baby Dry Skin

  1. Use Lukewarm Water: Hot water can strip the skin of natural oils, leading to dryness. Use lukewarm water instead.
  2. Hydrate: Ensure your baby is well-hydrated. for newborns, this means adequate breast milk or formula.
  3. Pat, Don't Rub: After bathing, gently pat your baby's skin dry with a towel instead of rubbing. Be sure to dry the skin folds completely.
  4. Moisturize Regularly: Apply a fragrance-free, hypoallergenic moisturizing cream or ointment immediately after a bath and throughout the day as needed.

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