The main story behind the brand Nani is to empowering mothers with knowledge, they lack in the modern world. As earlier times were full of knowledge walked through grandmothers, to new mothers modern times has a tradition gap and we are here to fulfill the needs of every mother, through our knowledge and undisputed love, support, empathy and help. Giving overwhelmed, unsure, and guilty mothers control over their motherhoods and helping them become composed, informed, empowered, and confident mothers.

Our Values


We are working to empower mothers through our help, support and essential guidance like nani’s.


We are loyal and patient towards our goal to empower mothers. Our dedication shows our commitment.


Our Nani’s are caring and compassionate towards young mothers. We are selfless and accepting towards mothers.


Our words are just like every other Nani’s; Kind, Comforting and Embracing. We are the warmth you need as a mother.


Our knowledge is as modern as the World. We are aware of all contemporary ideas and solutions.


Our ideas to help you all young mothers are well informed, intelligent and laid down to be explained by expert Nani’s.

A supportive, uplifting guardian of young mothers Nani is the safeguarding, custodian of young mothers. We are a multifaceted support system that offers information, safety, reassurance, and convenience. We love to help our community. We want to work with mothers to create a safe space where women, especially mothers, can voice their concerns, where they can let their guard down and open up about themselves and the problems they are facing. We believe every mother deserves to be her best version.

Nani marries emotional support with systematic precision, with a strong focus on uplifting young mothers. We work tirelessly to bring you the world in a digestible format. 


  • All-inclusive platform and community of mothers for mothers
  • A comparative platform for a multitude of brands
  • Direct connection to other mothers (Brand Ambassadors)
  • Customer service powered by trained professionals