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Healthy Homemade Food for New Born

Healthy Homemade Food for New Born

Nani PK |

In their first bite of food, your baby will have everything they require! Because it only seems proper to start serving baby with a true gastronomic adventure straight away. Every mother wants to make healthy homemade baby food that will delight his or her tiny taste buds. If you are one those mothers who always want variety in meals, you are at the right site. Nani has all sorted it all out for you on our blog. These 5 homemade foods for new born are tried-and-truly made with fresh, healthful ingredients and a dash of spice to add a little zing. These aren't your typical boring baby food instead; they're blend full of nutrients that both you and your child will appreciate! Seriously, many have tried each of these baby foods and have usually loved them a lot. Now it's your chance to delight your child with a delectable heathy food. In this article Nani will be guiding all new mommies EASIEST baby food for your young one.

You should utilize simple, multi-ingredient mixtures when your kid is 4 to 6 months old. This can aid in the detection and identification of a food allergy or sensitivity. Once you’ve come to know your child's tolerance for kinds of foods, you can play with combinations to boost flavor and appeal. Following are the healthy & notorious recipes that will make your baby happy.


Khichri sound’s familiar right? It is not just famous food for adults, but it’s also essential for infants. Khichri has all of the nutrients needed to improve one's health: Rice, lentils, and ghee give carbs, proteins, dietary fiber, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium, all of which can help the baby build immunity and stay healthy. If you are too concerned about the digestion through that little stomach, wait and read more. Eating khichdi can aid in baby’s body detoxification, which keeps the digestive system in check. It will keep your new born fuller for longer, allowing you to avoid worrying. The best part is that it also gives provides energy which can help the baby in having longer play times.

Rice Pudding

Who doesn’t love Rice Pudding? As far as we know it is the favorite go-to food for everyone. Rice Pudding is creamy, sweet, and cozy, and for babies it can be the perfect way to eat rice. When compared to ice cream or other high-calorie, high-sugar dessert options, rice mash appears to be a rather healthy dessert option for infants. This can be a very handy food option when it comes to providing nutrition’s to babies. Rice pudding can be classified as "healthy" since it contains calcium, iron, and protein, all of which are beneficial nutrients. If you're thinking about a dessert for your little one, rice pudding is a good choice to go with.

Banana Mash

When talking about healthy homemade baby food banana has to be one of your top preferences. Bananas have relevant amount of carbs, Vitamin A and iron, and phosphorus as apples in them. Potassium, Fiber, and natural sugars are all abundant in bananas. Bananas are rich in vitamin C, potassium, vitamins and minerals that makeup to general health. It is balanced with fiber because of sugar content in the fruit, which also maintains healthy blood glucose level. Bananas are considered a "superfood" for babies because of their high nutrient content and should be included in your healthy daily routine. One of the noticeable reasons why banana is crucial is that, it helps in gaining weight. Do not forget to pick a dozen of them because it is amazing part of homemade food for new bone.

Mashed Potato’s

Potatoes can be offered as soon as the infant is ready to start solids, which is usually around the age of six months. They are high in carbohydrates and offer your growing baby with plenty of energy. It is one of the safest veggies to present to your kid as an early food. Potatoes, whether boiled or steamed, are good sources of complex carbohydrates, complex proteins, and vitamin C. Potatoes should not be fried to avoid nutritional loss.

Daal Soup

Last but not the least, we have daal soup which is a very known homemade food among mothers. Dal is a vital protein source that should be included in your baby's or toddler's diet. In addition to providing protein, it's an excellent approach to introduce Pakistani infant food so that they can acquire appetites for our cultural cuisine. Because it is made with ghee, hing, and cumin powder, the soup is extremely flavorful. You can feed this daal water to your babies starting at the age of 6 months and up to 18 months and beyond.

A baby's first diet after weaning should include a variety of flavors and textures to stimulate their taste receptors. We are aware how tricky can it be when it comes to heathy homemade baby food. The list above can be considerable when it comes to delectable Pakistani healthy Homemade baby food. Your baby's meal can be divided into distinct foods such as solids, purees, and finger food-like things. It will assist you in familiarizing your kid with a variety of foods and preventing later fussiness. However, most parents find it difficult to feed their infants. So, if you're seeking for methods to incorporate vegetables, fruits, and homemade food for new born pleasing their taste buds, keep scrolling on our Blog. Nani. pk is a platform that assists you with all the relevant information for mothers and babies. We try our level best to aid daughters in the same way that a grandmas do for her granddaughters. In a society predicated on criticism, pay attention to their difficulties. We don't believe in lowering the bar. For more updates keep in touch with Nani’s blogs because she knows everything.

Healthy Homemade Baby Food

Homemade food for new born

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