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  • Hogwarts Camp 2.0

    Hey Parents!!! Welcome to the Hogwarts Camp. It is not just only a fun day but a day full of learning, exploration and some child’s personal development with a Harry Potter themed workshop. Let us together with get your child ready for some learning.

  • Junior Programming

    Programming has become a crucial skill in this era of technology. We believe that there is no time better than childhood to start learning programming and to develop computational thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills!

  • Zaeema's Art Studio

    Welcome to Zaeema's Art Studio, where we offer a fun and educational art program for kids aged 4 to 15 years. Our classes take place on Saturdays and Sundays in Garden Town (Tariq Block)

  • Junior Robotics

    Make your child ready for the technological future. Instill in them the spirit of Stem education at a young age and give them a chance to grow with the latest trends of the world.

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