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3D Printer 3D Pen for 3D Printing

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  • Educational, Developmental, Learning Toys for Children Kids
  • Copper Nib
  • Metal Motor for Longlife
  • Product Net Weight: 61g
  • Product Size: 186*47*31mm
  • Mobile power supply: 5V-2A
  • Voltage: DC5+-0.25V
  • Filament Material: PLA 1.75 + - 0.02mm
  • Printing Consumable Temperature: , PLA 170 Degrees
  • Printing Temperature: 190-220C
  • Working Condition: 10C-45C/ Relative Humidity <85%
  • Loading Material Mode: Press loading key, constant spew out filament material
  • Print Range: Unlimited
  • Spinning Speed: Adjustable
  • Fashion

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    Baby Cart Pk

    3D Printer 3D Pen for 3D Printing

    From Rs.2,699.00 Rs.3,400.00


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