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  • Top Tips for Staying Warm in Cold Weather

    Top Tips for Staying Warm in Cold Weather

    Nani Kay Totko Say Karo Sardi Ka Khatma! 1. Dress in Layers:  Wear multiple layers of clothing to trap heat and regulate body temperature. 2. Keep your Living Space Clean:  Regularly...

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  • Home Remedies for Diaper Rashes

    Home Remedies for Diaper Rashes

    Keep the Area Clean & Dry Gently clean the effected area with mild, fragrance-free baby wipes or a soft cloth. Let the Baby's Skin Air Out Whenever possible allow your...

    Nani PK |

  • Home Remedies for Pneumonia

    Home Remedies for Pneumonia

    Rest Ensure that your child gets plenty of rest to allow the body to recover. Humidifier Using a humidifier in your child's room helps ease breathing difficulties by adding moisture...

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  • Dengue


    Home Remedies for Dengue Fluid Intake: Ensure that the child stays well hydrated by offering water, oral rehydration solutions and clear soups. Hydration is vital to counteract the effect of...

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  • Seasonal Flu

    Seasonal Flu

    Honey & Lemon Mixing honey and fresh lemon juice in warm water can help soothe a sore throat and provides some relief from coughing. Stay Hydrated Drink plenty of fluids...

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  • Pink Eye Infection

    Pink Eye Infection

    Blink Bliss: Natural Relief for Pink Eyes Rest. Cool compresses over closed eyes. Lightly massaging your eyelids. Gently washing your eyelids.

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  • Bedwetting


    Cranberry juice can help prevent urinary tract infections which can contribute to bedwetting. Cranberry Juice, offer your child a small glass of cranberry juice before bed.

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  • Skin Burns

    Skin Burns

    It has soothing and cooling effects which can help alleviate pain and reduce inflammation. First run the burn under cold water. Then apply fresh Aloe vera gel. Break off a...

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  • Diaper Rash

    Diaper Rash

    it will soothe the baby's skin and decrease inflammation. Take equal parts of cornstarch and petroleum jelly mix and make a paste. Apply it to your baby's diaper area.

    Nani PK |

  • Bug Bite

    Bug Bite

    Helps to numb the effected area and reduce inflammation which can provide relief from discomfort and help the bite to heal faster. Simply rub an ice cube over the bite...

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  • Malaria


    For malaria Boil 1 glass of water. Add 1tspn Cinnamon Powder A dash of pepper powder and honey. Mix Well

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